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I am Doug Phillips and I am 68 years old  My passion now is to help people live a more fulfilling and healthy life. In my experience this cannot be achieved without the right mental attitude so that we are always making the most health conscious choices every single day. To increase your lifespan you must live a wholesome balanced life. It really is easier than you think when you maintain mental focus.

My choice to live a healthy life

First off I will say that this has not always been the case for me. With so many distractions and temptations available to live unhealthy it was easy to lose my goal to live a healthy and wholesome life. Thankfully as I have aged the focus has intensified so that those thoughts are ever present in my mind now.

The one thing I have come to realize is just how much our mind is in control of how we feel.  Therefore it is important to continually improving my mental focus which affects the health of my body. While I  believe that my conscious mind can dictate what I do, through research that I have done, it is now evident that the unconscious or subconscious state of my mind is even more important. I will be covering more of this in future blog posts.

I have to admit that a proper balanced diet these days is difficult but not impossible. Eating lots of fruit, steamed vegetables and good sources of protein is important and why I have never had a problem with weight. I will also get into healthy eating in future blogs as well.

If you are like me getting motivated to workout or go to the gym can be a challenge.  Doing some aerobic exercise or a lot of reps with light weight and taking some time to stretch and/or do some mild calisthenics is beneficial as well.  That alone at times has helped me to be more conscious of how much my body desires to feel healthy.

Our bodies crave optimal nutrition.  The food I eat could still leave me deficient in some vital nutrients I need to be in tip-top shape.  That is why I believe in taking the best quality vitamins and supplements to help me prevent any onset of illness or disease. At 68 years old I still feel young with tons of vitality and wholesome healthy living left to do.  I want to share this goal with as many people as possible.

Living healthy equates to longevity

I believe everyone’s choice is to live a happy, healthy and longer life. Unfortunately the world we live in today does not make that easy for most people. With a conscious effort on our part to eat well, get a proper amount of rest, consistent exercise, and include some high quality vitamins and/or supplements to our regimen we will dramatically increase our possibility of living longer.  We could get into a very large discussion about how climate change is affecting our lives and health but that is not the main topic here. We have to do our part to remain healthy.  After all, health is not just about disease, it should be more about wellness and taking care of our body and mind. Our mind has a powerful influence on whether we remain consistent in the healthy choices we want so that we can reach our desired goal of longevity.

It is important to realize that the body and mind are not separate parts. They are integrated and interconnected and both contribute to our happiness and well-being.

With age it is even more important to think about how we can live a more healthy life. Everything we put into our body affects our health in either a positive or a negative way. That alone should make those choices easier. Eating a balanced diet, taking the highest quality supplements and vitamins possible, exercising regularly, and getting the proper amount of sleep each night are all essential.

All of these things together give me more energy which is the essence of life. Whenever we workout or exercise our goal at the end should be to feel energized, not so exhausted that we are sore and can’t move.

I have made my decision to live longer and healthier and hope that reaching out to others with my experience will encourage my generation and all generations after mine to make a decision to have a healthy lifestyle and result in a happier longer life.


Healthy Wholesome Living For All

Does it make you feel good when you are having a conversation with a person who is smiling and vibrant and pleasing to talk to? Do you wonder why that person is so happy and if they are that way all of the time if it’s not a close acquaintance? The chances are that they have a positive mental focus and project that image to everyone they encounter.

Living healthy is a clear choice but not always knowing what is available or how to motivate yourself can be a huge challenge. I want to help people make those choices by showing them the kinds of things available to them. Integrating mind, body, soul, and spirit to live wholesome and longer.

Putting smiles on the faces of people knowing they will live happy is very rewarding. My goal is to reach out and help those who choose a healthy lifestyle and with the end result being longevity. Not just a long life but a vibrant, happy and grateful existence.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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