Is it Better to Workout at Home or the Gym

Everyone has probably heard the saying, “different strokes for different folks.”

Well no matter what your workout environment might be, if it is better to workout at home or the gym, the main thing is “just do it!” Right? Everyone has their own preferences and what matters are what is right for you and what will keep you motivated to follow through. Consistency is key!

Are you the kind of person that religiously goes to the gym every day or four to five times a week?

Would you rather set up a private workout room in your basement?

If you happen to be like me you would also prefer to get some outdoor exercise and workouts in too.

Workout At the GymHealthy workouts

If you enjoy the social atmosphere or you are doing free weight lifting and you need a spotter this is by far the best option.

Most gyms have a myriad of equipment and staff that will normally help you when you need it. They usually also have the option of hiring a personal trainer to take your workouts to the next level if you so desire.

You are able to target each muscle group and set up a program so that your workouts are varied and giving each muscle group time to rest and repair as you move to a different part of your body.

There are always plenty of cardio machines to ensure you can get some HIIT workouts in as well.

If you belong to a fitness center instead of a gym there are even more advantages and for an enthusiast the money spent for a membership is inconsequential.

Workout at Home

Some people are not the type to feel comfortable working out in a public setting and would prefer the comfort and privacy of their own home.

You can still get a good workout that hits every major muscle group and cardio as well with just a modest investment and then you own that equipment.

There are so many multi-station weight machines on the market but my preference is to go with a higher quality one such as Bowflex. They have been making workout equipment for a long time and I have had good luck using their machines. I also add in a few free weights such as dumbbells for doing curls, lunges, and hitting my triceps.dumbbell curl

In order to do your cardio aerobic and HIIT workout the elliptical machines are excellent and also take the impact and stress off the ankles that you might feel with a regular treadmill.

I also personally own a Bowflex tread climber which gives a very intense cardio workout.Workout Outdoors

There are many ways to get a good workout outdoors and it could be a nice change of pace.

I know many people experience what they call a “runner’s high” and many others just like to go for a jog to get some exercise mixed with the great outdoors.

Tread mills and stationary bikes with programmable screens may give you an awesome burn in your quads but for me it’s sometimes hard to beat the fresh air and nature on some biking trails.

They say that humans were made to walk and while it may not be as intense, it still is good exercise. I recently read that anything less than 7000 steps in a day and you are considered to be sedentary! Have you calculated your steps to see what your average number is? You could be surprised!

Wind sprints are an excellent way to pump up the workout mixed in with just walking. In this way you get the cardio as well as increasing the number of steps taken.

Summing it all Up

Environment can definitely play a role in our workouts. As we get older it is more important than ever to get into a regimen of daily exercise so that we don’t become sedentary.

As I stated, 7000 steps is probably a lot more than most of us realize. If you take an average 2.5 foot stride then 7000 steps would equate to bout 3.5 miles!

The thing I have found out that works best for me is variety. I like to work out on our home equipment 2 to 3 times a week, go to our local senior center once or twice and then get one or two outdoors workouts in per week as well.

Each one has its own advantages but here is the main thing: Do what works best for you but be consistent to stay fit and healthy!

cardio workout

Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below. Thank you.


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